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it's not just about what you eat

it’s also important

how your body utilizes the nutrients in the foods you eat



About Me


My Tenets

For Health


Create a Self-Care routine. Make time for yourself. Create a routine that nourishes your body, and your soul. Incorporate things that bring you joy, include nourishing foods, proper rest, daily movement and stress management. You probably know how to take care of those you love, you deserve the same. 

Address Your Foundations First

When we support the foundations of health; properly prepared nutrient-dense food, proper digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acid balance, minerals, and hydration. Our body has what it needs to regain optimum blance within the body, and can begin to heal itself.

Eat Real Food

If you can pick it off of a tree/bush/vine, pull it from the ground, or chase it… that is real food. When you are unsure, give it the “great-grandmother test”. Would your great-grandmother recognize that as food? If not, your body probably won’t recognize it as food either.

Proper Hydration

Did you know that hydration is the most common nutrient deficiency? It’s true. Without proper hydration, your body cannot funciton properly. Tip: add a pinch of sea salt to your water for optimal hydration. 

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